Modifying Vintage spring bars (Universal Geneve Triple Date Watch)

Watch Dial  Foot Soldering

Remove rusted stuck screw

A little touch up of dial cleaning with mole on sub-register removed but the patina and atmosphere preserved 

 Hands Reluming

Hands restoration 🎨

Watch Dial scratches removal 

Balance Staff Repair 

Rolex Vintage Mirror Recovery

Grand Seiko - Lion Medallion Case Back Replacing

Reborn of the hacking function, rebuild the hair wire. 

Lume marks restoration 

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Vintage Bracelet Repair Job

Stucked in case hex screw removal - successfully remove the stucked in case screw without damage the screw mold of the watch case. 

Broken Franck Muller Bracelet reassemble - 
Drilling 4 holes on 2 ends beads, place steel sticks in the holes, and weld then polish